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We are a family owned and run facillity located in beautiful northern Idaho. We live on 20 mountainous acres for our dogs to romp and play on. We offer 15 years of combined experience with the bully breeds and are happy to help you in your search of your next family member. All our Bullies are IOEBA registered and Blue Ribon Bred! Please browse our site and take a look at our exceptional Bullies!

The Olde English Bulledogge has completley stolen our hearts. We belive they are absolutely the best bully you can own, love and live with.

Olde English Bulldogges are loyal dogs, and have stable fun-loving temperaments. Their aim is to please their owners, and are easy to train because of that wonderful characteristic.
Oldies are athletic and most importantly, very healthy. Most health issues such as difficulty in breathing , skin allergies, little or no heat tolerance and breeding/whelping problems associalted with the English Bulldog are avoided with these Olde English types of Bulldogges.
Because the Olde English Bulldogge is less susceptible to breathing issues they are capable of enjoying more outdoor activities with their families, and thier loveable nature makes them wonderful family companions. They are the best natural home protector money can buy!

The life span of and Olde English Bulledogge averages 10 to 14 yrs.

Olde English Bulldogges

"Olde English Bulldogge"
I am an Olde English Bulldogg and I am your best friend. Just look to your side and I'll be there.

I am the most loyal friend you will ever have. Look at me looking right into your eyes, see me figuring out your needs, your desires. For I am an Olde English Bulldogg, and I love you.

 I will show you affection like you have never known. I will play with your children with a mothers touch. I will love your family and your friends as if they were mine, and they will love me back, for I am an Olde English Bulldogg.

I will make you laugh uncontrollably, all the while I am ready to defend you against any intruder. I am a product of genetic mastering. I am smarter, faster and more agile than any of the other bully breeds.

Due to this genetic cross breeding, my coat has changed and I have no skin allergies, my muzzle is longer than the other bully breeds so I breath very well – watch me run! My eyes have no glandular problems and I don’t jave bulging eyes. I can cool myself very well.

 In other words, I am perfect, for I am an Olde English Bulldogg and I am your best friend.
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