Alot of Bully Louie D' Lip at CoJo

Color: Blue Sable; Shoulder Heigth: 20 inches ;Weight: 75 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred  

Louie is one handsome and commanding male, with a sweet and gentle personality. He is one big muscle machine with amazing stamina, loves nothing better than a good game of ball and wrestling with his doggie friends. He is is master's right hand and best friend.

Rio Bravo's Huckelberry Hound

Color: Blue and White;  Height : 18 inches Weight: 70 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred

Huck has got to be the sweetest little boy ever. He is our second male addition to CoJo and what a beautiful young dog he is!
Huck has a wonderful sweet personality. Everyone who meets him is charmed by his goofy character.


Alot of Bully Third Times The Charm at CoJo

Color: Sable; Height: 18 inches; Weight: 65 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred

Tre is a lovely example of what a feminine Bully should look like. Sweet and gentle natured, very personable, loves all children. She is practically the perfect dog!  I challenge anyone to not fall for her charms the first time they meet her!
Tre is being retired as of fall 2019. She has given us absolutely wonderful puppies!

Blue Legend's Sweet Polly Purebred

Color: Sable and White ; Height: 16 inches Weight: 50 lbs
Registered: IOEBA, Blue Ribbon Bred

Sweet Polly is just that, sweet as can be. Polly is a little couch cuddler and craves your attention. Polly is ready to please and easy to train. We are so very happy with Polly!

Blue Diamond Bullies Made In America

Color: Blue Tri; Height: 17 Inches; Weight 58 lbs
Registered: IOEBA, Blue Ribbon Bred

Mia is a very happy, temperamentally sound girl!  She has such a funloving, soft, sweet nature, I just love her. We are so very pleased with the way she has turned out. Mia is a Shaka Bulldogges Duece daughter and has inhereted all the right stuff!

Cojo's High Meadow Sequoia

Blue Fawn, 16 inches, 60 Lbs
Registered: IOEBA, Blue Ribbon Bred

Sequoia is our produced girl from Tre and Huckleberry! She has grown into an amazing adult! This girl can run like the wind, and what a build! Her temperament is perfect, we are very proud of her.

Cojo's Chip Off The Block

Jenga is our produced girl from Huck and Mia, born 4-18-19. She is a pretty blue and white. Jenga is just 4 months old at this time, we can't wait to see her grow!