CoJo Olde English Bulldogges

Believing in Excellence!  Breeding Excellence!

Alot of Bully Louie D' Lip at CoJo

Born: April 2015
Color: Blue Sable; Shoulder Heigth: 20 inches ;Weight: 75 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred  

Louie is one handsome and commanding male, with a sweet and gentle personality. He is one big muscle machine with amazing stamina, loves nothing better than a good game of ball and wrestling with his doggie friends. He is is master's right hand and best friend.

Rio Bravo's Huckelberry Hound at CoJo

Born:  January 2016
Color: Blue and White;  Height : 18 inches Weight: 70 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred

Huck has got to be the sweetest little boy ever. He is our second male addition to CoJo and what a beautiful young dog he is! We can't wait to see how he matures!
Huck has a wonderful sweet personality. Everyone who meets him is charmed by his character.


Alot of Bully Third Times The Charm at CoJo

Born:  January, 2015
Color: Sable; Height: 18 inches; Weight: 65 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred

Tre is a lovely example of what a feminine Bully should look like. Sweet and gentle natured, very personable, loves all children. She is practically the perfect dog!  I challenge anyone to not fall for her charms the first time they meet her!

Blue Legend's Sweet Polly Purebred

Born: November 2015 
Color: Sable and White ; Height: 16 inches Weight: 50 lbs
Registered: IOEBA Blue Ribbon Bred

Sweet Polly is just that, sweet as can be. Polly is a little couch cuddler and craves your attention. Polly is ready to please and easy to train. We are so very happy with Polly!